Glass etching DIY

Etched glasses look amazing. It gives a unique touch to everything you own. From names to patterns to shapes, anything can be used to personalize your kitchenware.

Previously a rotary tool has been used to etch the designs into glassware. However if you are like me you may deem this as time consuming or difficult. Even if you have mastered the rotary tool you may have sometimes wished for a faster way to get the job done.

Lucky for us, there is.

Armour Etch Cream, 10-Ounce

The Armour etch cream makes etching occur in 3 easy steps.

1. Place your stencil onto your glass.

2. Apply the etching cream onto the stencil and leave for 5 mins.

3. Rinse out the cream.

And that’s it you have your beautifully etched and personalized glass.


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