What makes me be *me*

There’s many examples on the internet about “what” should be put into an about page but I believe that there isn’t an equation to writing about yourself.

Firstly, WELCOME and thank you for taking the time and interest to read this page. We all have busy lives so know that this means a lot to me.

So heres a little about me:

I am a 21 year old student who has decided to do blogs just for the fun of it.

I’ve been in a relationship (practically married ♡)  for 5 years!

 I am studying to become a registered dietitian.

I am using this blog to share inspiration and hope to others and hopefully encourage them to not give up on their **dreams**.

I am an avid unicorn lover and I love magic and all things glittery and fun.

I am also a professional procrastinator, I just may be the queen of it. 

I dislike school but I hate failing even more, hence my fear of failing drives me to success.

I believe everyone can do anything they put their minds to!

This blog will not be centered on simply one topic as one person does not only have one passion. I am intrigued by a vast number of things and I will be using this blog to express myself to the fullest.

I do hope you follow me and enjoy the content of what I write as my heart goes into each and every post. 🙂


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