Wow! I can't believe it ! 201 followers in a little over 2 months! I never ever thought I would get this far ! The fact that people enjoy reading my posts enough to follow to me to get new content really motivates and encourages me to write more! I hope you all continue to... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on crossposting

After having such success posting on this blog and receiving such wonderful  feedback the thought of crossposting to other platforms came to my mind. This would ensure that my content would be exposed to a wider population of readers. Naturally of course I had some questions:  Is it legal? I know it's my own posts... Continue Reading →

Injustice 2 console version


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​Injustice 2was recently released and I wrote a review on the mobile versionhere.

While being a spectacular mobile version of a console game including the story mode, I quickly came across somedifficulties.

Due to this I decided to try out the console version to the game. This quickly eliminated many problems as I was able to adjust the difficulty settings.

Overall this is a wonderful game that is available for purchase now.

Injustice 2 – Xbox One Standard EditionInjustice 2 Ultimate Edition – PlayStation 4Injustice 2 – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition with Comic

This makes the perfect gift for any gamer/comic freak!

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What every book lover needs

This post contains affiliate links  Reading books is awesome but sometimes we don't always get the time. What's the solution to this? Audible books. Audible books are books that are basically read to you.  These kind of books are a life saver if I forgot to read a chapter for class or even while studying... Continue Reading →

Getting to know everyone 

So I came across this post on pink for days page. Her posts are always so wonderful and interesting. It was an amazing opportunity to answer these questions and I thought to share it so I could get to know my own bloggers better. The questions: What is your first name? Do you have a middle name?... Continue Reading →

Creating Memories 

This post contains affiliate links. Scrapbooking is a fantastic way to save your memories. From both pictures to captions storing pictures in a scrapbook is a timeless craft. With modern technology pictures are mostly stored on flash drives, memory cards, phones and computers. As convenient as that is, nothing beats holding pictures in your hands... Continue Reading →

Metal Mulisha Purse

This post contains affiliate links  If your style composes of biker chick/rocker/girly then this is the brand for you. Metal Mulisha encompasses everything to make a style that shows your girly with a bit of an edge.  The latest product I purchased was the Metal Mulisha purse. Recently I did a post on handbag essentials and this... Continue Reading →

How to survive college on a tight budget

Wonderful treasures

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What’s one problem all college students have regardless of their location, age, or the college they attend?

>>Our lack of money and never ending need for things <<

Yup I said it. I’m sure ALL of you can relate, whether you are a student yourself or are the parent of one.

The road to college success is a long and quite expensive one. From tuition fees to books to even living expenses, the journey to successful living takes quite a toll on your bank account.

Many students get part time jobs to help ends meet but sometimes even this isn’t even enough. Thankfully there are programs out that understand these predicaments and are designed to help.

I present to you : Prime Student

This is an Amazon Prime program applicable to college students. You can sign up and receive a 6 months free trial

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Father’s day gifts for mom

This post contains affiliate links  With fathers day quickly approaching most people are concerned with finding a fathers day gift for dear old dad.  However for some this is another day to celebrate super mom. Although we all wish to have a perfect nuclear family we know this isn't always possible. In such cases moms... Continue Reading →

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