6 ways to deal with being impatient 

I am notorious for being impatient. When I want something I want it right away. It usually stems from my excitement or desire to know something. And once something is on my mind, there's no getting rid of it.  Luckily I've been able to discover some coping mechanisms to distract me even if it's for a short... Continue Reading →

The things we do for success 

Its 3 am and I'm up to complete studying for my final exam of the semester.  Practically close to tears from tiredness I keep telling myself, "it's worth it, it's got to be worth it." My entire life's work got me to this moment, I can't give up now. Approximately 18 years of school to... Continue Reading →

The vanishing stars

Sitting at the window I looked up to the stars. I thought about how in a few minutes they would disappear, something I wish I could've done in that moment.  How did the day end like this? It was supposed to be the greatest day of my life. Instead it was a farce. The greatest tragedy... Continue Reading →

How much is too much to post in a day?

When looking for blog advice there seems to be contradictory messages about how much to post within a day. Some blog posts say don't post too much yet some say keep active daily. There's soo much rules to this! Don't right enough people lose interest. Have an inconsistent amount per day people get frustrated.  I've... Continue Reading →

Injustice 2 mobile review

Injustice 2 review!


Injustice 2has finally been released! After months of waiting it’s finally out! Last week I was able to download the mobile version from the playstore. As an early bird initiative I was given a free catwoman card.

Firstly the currency: there’s credits, gems, Sims, arena rewards.

The credits are used to purchase a basic chest. So far from that chest I’ve mostly received energy and xp capsule. 4000 credits per chest. These can be obtained from completely daily objectives, achievements, winning fights or operations.

Gems are used to buy hero chests. 150 gems per chest. I’ve tried my luck at it twice and I’ve received swamp thing on both attempts. These can be collected from daily objectives, achievements or operations.

Sims are used to speed up previously won boss fights. These can be won from winning fights.

Arena rewards are used to purchase items in the arena store. These…

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Looking for Pinterest group boards

Hey everyone I'm looking for Pinterest group boards to join but I'm not sure how to go about doing this.  If anyone has group boards that I may be able to join or if anyone knows how to join one please comment and let me know! Thank you!:)

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