No longer in the loop

I used to love the daily prompt. When I first started WordPress it's where I got a lot of my ideas from. As a newbie inspiration was hard to find and the daily prompt was part of what kept me going.  It was like a challenge to myself everyday. I felt good when I was... Continue Reading →

Creating Memories 

This post contains affiliate links. Scrapbooking is a fantastic way to save your memories. From both pictures to captions storing pictures in a scrapbook is a timeless craft. With modern technology pictures are mostly stored on flash drives, memory cards, phones and computers. As convenient as that is, nothing beats holding pictures in your hands... Continue Reading →

6 tips to being more positive 

We should all strive to radiate positive energy. But in a world where there is so much tragedy and despair it sometimes seems impossible. But what we fail to realise is that this energy is what we need in times like this. We need to have hope. Hope that we would be able to overcome this and... Continue Reading →

10 tips to survive exams

Start early Make notes throughout the semester Color coordinate highlighters Read each syllabus atleast 3 times  Do past paper questions Ask teachers to review your answers and show you where you went wrong Take enough breaks Reward yourself Don't skip breakfast on the day of the exam Don't ever give up Daily prompt: survive


We all wanna make the world a better place. We all try to change. But too often we overlook the real solution.  To change the world we can't only change ourselves but change the source of the problem.  The younger generation holds the key to a better world and it's our job to unlock it. ... Continue Reading →

Going adrift – sink or swim?

Sometimes life starts to go adrift. We lose guidance, a purpose and ultimately we lose ourselves. When things like that happen our lives becomes a mess and we wanna just end it. Rarely does one ever consider fixing things,making it better. Giving up is always our go to thought.  Sometimes our life destruction is inevitable.... Continue Reading →

6 ways to deal with being impatient 

I am notorious for being impatient. When I want something I want it right away. It usually stems from my excitement or desire to know something. And once something is on my mind, there's no getting rid of it.  Luckily I've been able to discover some coping mechanisms to distract me even if it's for a short... Continue Reading →

The vanishing stars

Sitting at the window I looked up to the stars. I thought about how in a few minutes they would disappear, something I wish I could've done in that moment.  How did the day end like this? It was supposed to be the greatest day of my life. Instead it was a farce. The greatest tragedy... Continue Reading →

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