Creating Memories 

This post contains affiliate links. Scrapbooking is a fantastic way to save your memories. From both pictures to captions storing pictures in a scrapbook is a timeless craft. With modern technology pictures are mostly stored on flash drives, memory cards, phones and computers. As convenient as that is, nothing beats holding pictures in your hands … Continue reading Creating Memories 

Going adrift – sink or swim?

Sometimes life starts to go adrift. We lose guidance, a purpose and ultimately we lose ourselves. When things like that happen our lives becomes a mess and we wanna just end it. Rarely does one ever consider fixing things,making it better. Giving up is always our go to thought.  Sometimes our life destruction is inevitable. … Continue reading Going adrift – sink or swim?

Sometimes we have to descend before we move forward 

We all wanna  be first. Reach the top. Be the winners.  But the road to success is a bumpy one. We don't ever fully move forward without descending at some points.  Too often when things don't go our way we give up. It's completely understandable. Giving up means we don't have to fail anymore and feel that … Continue reading Sometimes we have to descend before we move forward 

6 ways to deal with being impatient 

I am notorious for being impatient. When I want something I want it right away. It usually stems from my excitement or desire to know something. And once something is on my mind, there's no getting rid of it.  Luckily I've been able to discover some coping mechanisms to distract me even if it's for a short … Continue reading 6 ways to deal with being impatient